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How We Work

7 Essential Steps

Step 1

Initial Discussion

Our process kicks off with a brief chat, either over the phone or via Zoom. During this session, we will ask you a few questions about your project and try to understand what exactly you need and what requirements you might have. We will also request any existing documents and floor plans you may possess, enhancing our comprehension of the project’s intricacies.

The key to the success of any project is a strong client relationship. Recognizing that each client and project is unique, we take pride in attentively understanding individual needs, whichever is the location of our client. Our experience in managing international projects is well-established.

Following this initial chat, we will coordinate a personal or Zoom meeting to delve deeper into discussions regarding your budget and timelines, the design process, showcase relevant past projects. This platform serves as an opportunity for you to address any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Step 2

Green Light

We initiate this step of the project by scheduling a site visit with you. During this visit, we conduct a comprehensive ‘site walk-through’ together, gaining a deeper insight into the project and identifying which are your specific goals. Subsequently, we provide you with a detailed fee proposal tailored to the insights gathered during the visit.
(In cases where there is no existing site, such as in new builds or conceptual projects, we arrange another meeting to obtain a thorough brief. This allows us to craft a precise fee proposal aligned with the specific requirements of the project).

Step 3

Brief & Conceptual Design

In the early stages of the project, our focus is on conducting preliminary investigations of the site or property. This involves knowing more about your persona and design aspirations for the project. Collaboratively, we will build a comprehensive brief, pinpointing your design requirements and preferences to guide the subsequent stages of the project.

Step 4

Design Development & 3D Renders

4.1. Concept Design
Upon reaching an agreement on the design brief and associated fees, our focus shifts to crafting interior concepts and architectural plans. This involves the creation of mood boards, look & feel images, material samples, and preliminary sketch layouts for key areas. This iterative process continues until all concepts receive your approval.

4.2. Layout Development
Initiating the creative journey, we develop layouts for your property while exploring various design styles and influences. This phase includes the generation of 2D floor plans, providing a detailed representation of the design’s aspects.

4.3. Conceptual/Mood Boards
As we progress through the design development phase, we get into the detail of the scheme. This progress is shared with you through mood boards and look & feel images, specifying key finishes and materials for floors, walls, and furniture, as we define the lighting concepts.

4.4. 3D Renders
Upon obtaining approval for the mood boards, we transition to the stage where each space is meticulously designed in 3D, incorporating the approved materials. This involves the creation of renders—realistic images—during the rendering process. Simultaneously, we refine internal layouts for a cohesive visual representation.

4.5. Technical Design (shared with our construction team)
Following the approval of the design, we progress to the technical design stage. Here, we meticulously prepare a comprehensive technical construction pack, encompassing details related to sanitation, electrical systems, air conditioning, TV and internet connectivity, lighting, and finishes. This pack also includes specifications for custom joinery, cabinetry, proposed floor layouts, wall finishes, floor finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, fabrics, and artwork (commonly referred to as FF&E).

Step 5

Construction Phase

Throughout the project’s on-site execution, we collaborate closely with our contractor, meticulously examining the design proposals in collaboration with them. Our aim is to ensure the seamless realization of our design vision. Regular site visits are conducted to closely inspect the ongoing construction activities, offering proactive solutions for any potential challenges that may arise. This hands-on approach allows us to address issues promptly, contributing to the overall success of the project implementation.

Step 6


Simultaneously with the construction phase, we take charge of coordinating proposals from suppliers and managing the entire supply chain process. This involves overseeing orders, ensuring timely delivery, conducting quality control assessments, and handling invoices. The installation process encompasses the placement of furnishings, lighting fixtures, textiles, and other decorative elements.

Upon the completion of construction and a thorough site cleanup, we assume responsibility for overseeing the installation of soft FF&E items, such as furniture, curtains, lighting, textiles, and additional décor elements. Our procurement agents, as well as all suppliers involved, are highly skilled in their respective domains and execute each facet of the installation with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

For expansive projects, we collaborate with specialized procurement agents who manage the procurement process, negotiate discounts, handle shipments, and conduct on-site installations of all FF&E items. Conversely, for smaller-scale projects, these responsibilities are managed in-house.

Step 7


The concluding phase of our design process, styling serves as the finishing touch, akin to placing the cherry on top of a cake. During this stage, we introduce accessories and art pieces to the spaces, infusing them with depth and a distinctive sense of personality.

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